Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Course

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Hole 2 - The Dyke

442 Yards - Par 4

Fortrose and Rosemarkie 2nd Green

A stone dyke once dissected this fairway, and often a low hit ball would strike the dyke and end up behind the player. Whins and beach await any stray shot to the left. Par is a relief for the low handicapper and celebrated as a birdie by many.

A narrow par four hole which demands the straightest of tee shots as any errant drive both left and to the right of the fairway will most likely end in the gorse bushes or leave you with a shot which only allows you a short recovery back onto the fairway.

If the fairway is found, the second shot is not any easier with bunkers both to the left and right of the green awaiting any shot slightly off line. Finding the green in two is in many respects a bonus and with a sloping green two putts are never guaranteed to secure your par.