Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Course

Welcome to Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Course

Links Golf Since 1793


Hole 1 - Fort George

329 Yards - Par 4

Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club - Hole 1

Takes it name from the 18th century barracks across the Chanonry narrows to the left which form a magnetic attraction for many a drive.

A relatively gentle, opening par four but with whins both left and right and water awaiting any errant tee shot hit far too far to the left caution is required.

Most players will choose to play an iron or fairway wood from the tee, avoiding the whins both left and right and a futher two bunkers to the right of the fairway which are in play for the longer hitters who may choose to play a driver. Hitting the fairway leaves you a short(ish) iron to a green which slopes from right to left.