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Hole 16 - Coignach Odheur

335 Yards - Par 4

Fortrose Golf Links 16th Green

Named after the Brahan Seer who was burned thereabouts because of the doom and despair he foretold about the House of Seaforth. There is also a memorial cairn at Chanonry Point. Disaster has also befallen many a golfer at this hole. The club of choice for many is to play an iron or fairway wood from the tee to take out the potential for 'disaster' as any shot hit off line to the right is more than likely to end up in the gorse. Drives played too far left will run away from you and down a hill towards the 2nd fairway. If you are short of the hump on the fairway you will have around 130 yards to the green.

Any second shot hit off line will kick away so be sure to be accurate. This green is slightly raised although not as severely as the 15th green. An up and down for par won't be easy should you miss the green but accuracy will reward you with a birdie chance.