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Hole 13 - Quigish

309 Yards - Par 4

Fortrose Golf LInks 13th Green at Sunset

This hole is susceptible to the drive finishing up on the Point Road where you can take a free drop should you wish as the road itself is part of the course. Alternatively a damaged club may be the result to play the ball as it lies but many players do especially under competition playing conditions. There is a limited landing area for the drive it is advisable to check when you walk down the 12th fairway to see how much room there is as again it can be deceptive. There is more room to the right than you think when you stand on the 13th tee. For any mishit drive, the gorse awaits so a carry of around 190 yards is needed if you take the bolder line of play over the top of the gorse.

A good drive in play will again leave you with a relatively short iron to a semi-plateau green. Bunkers are ready and waiting to collect any balls coming up short as you play up to the green. There are many subtle borrows on this particular green once you get down to the putting stage.