Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Course

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Hole 4 - Lighthouse

497 Yards - Par 5

Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club 4th Hole Fairway

The Chanonry Lighthouse stands directly behind the sloping green, but woe betide the player who uses it as his line until maybe playing his third shot. A classic links hole.

Unless you are able to carry the ball 270+ yards from the tee, the best option is to lay up with a long iron or fairway wood. Ideally you want the drive to go no longer than 225 yards on a fairway which again will kick a ball off to the left and right if you are off line. The best option for the second shot is to keep the ball down the right half of the fairway to give you a better pitch up onto a severely sloping green which has caused many players regardless of their ability to three putt.

Going long and left and with your pitch over the green will cause any player problems to get down in two, three or even more shots. This is the signature of hole of Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club so keeping it on the fairway is essential.