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Hole 10 Feu Road

319 Yards - Par 4

Fortrose Golf Links 10th Green

Named after the road that once ran behind the green to the sea.

This is another deceptive and cleverly-bunkered hole so don't be fooled by the yardage. The safe play here is to play an iron or fairway wood from the tee to around 190 yards which will leave you a short(ish) iron to the green. Bunkers are cunningly placed around 210 and 240 yards from the tee to catch out those players who may wish to gain that extra distance to hopefully leave a shorter shot into the green however, any drive off line could quite easily catch the bunkers to the left and right or the whin bushes which line either side of the hole so it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are left with a short iron to the green beware the bunkers on the left and right at the entrance as all golf balls coming up short are likely to kick into the sand traps and leave you with a difficult up and down for par. This is one of the trickiest greens on the course to keep the ball on and the resultant putt is never easy, so par is never a bad score.