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Hole 17 - Clay Pots

357 Yards - Par 4

Fortrose Golf Links 17th Green

Probably the finest driving hole on the course where you hope to land near the stone marking the spot where the last witch in Scotland is reputed to have been burned - in a clay pot maybe? This stone is also referred to as 'The Cross of Ross'.

This is a tough drive! The best option is to hit driver but to keep the tee shot ultra safe aim left of the bunkers guarding the fairway which will more than likely result in your ball being on the 16th fairway but it will give you a decent shot to the green. For the longer hitters the bunkers may not even be in play however, much will depend on the wind direction. The tiger line is to play it between the stone at the top of the hill and the just right of the bunkers. This will leave you with a relatively short iron shot to the green which is again guarded by one bunker left and one right for any shots coming up short or mis-hit. Any tee shots hit to the right of the stone may never be seen again!

Gorse also awaits any wayward shot which is too far left, right or too long so be wary of your yardage. The green itself has subtle borrows but you will find the putting on this green a little easier than others you have encountered prior to this hole.