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Hole 6 - Rosehaugh

469 Yards - Par 5

Fortrose Golf Links Hole 6

Named in memory of the Club's founder patron whose summer bungalow stood behind the ladies' tee.

With beach to the left and whins on the right, the drive must be well struck. This is a hole where you can open up a little but beware the bunker on the left and right side of the fairway. If you end up in the bunker you will have no chance of reaching the green in two or even getting close to the green.

By hitting the fairway with a drive just left of the bunker mentioned, this will leave you with around 200 yards to the green so you either have the option of laying up short of the bunkers at the front of the green or taking it on and reaping the benefits with a straight shot. Assuming of course that the drive is in good shape, this hole will provide you a great chance to pick up a shot.