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For a full list of fixtures for the 2024 playing season please click onto the link below:-


Also included below are the fixtures relating to the Ladies Order of Merit, the Gents Order of Merit and the Gents Summer Aggregate for the 2024 playing season. Click onto the links below:


The Ladies Order of Merit Fixtures 2024

The Gents Order of Merit Fixtures 2024

The Gents Summer Aggregate 2024


Council has agreed the following for the 2024 season:–

Competitions for which tee times have been allocated have absolute priority on the 1st tee. Unscheduled matches are prohibited from starting within a minimum of 30 minutes of the commencement of the competition and until a minimum of 15 minutes after the last competition match has teed off.

With our online tee time reservation system located in both the Golf Shop and Bar Area members can book from the Clubhouse in advance. The computer in the Shop and in the Bar are available for members to view starting times and to make tee time reservations up to 14 days in advance. Tee times cannot be cancelled on the computers by a member, therefore the Office, Shop or Bar staff must be advised. Members can still telephone the Golf Shop (01381 620733) or the Golf Club out-with the Shop hours (01381 620529) to make a reservation. For any telephone reservations, (when the office is closed), members may leave a voice mail message in the Shop or call the Bar direct for a tee time reservation.

You can use the BRS App to book times through your mobile phone or on your computer.

Members should note that visitors are allowed to use member times where they are available.


The allocation of tee times for the 2024 season are as follows:-

07.00-08.20 - Members or Visitors

08.30-09.30 - Members - Saturday & Sunday Only

09.40-12.00 - Members or Visitors

12.10-13.10 - Members - Saturday & Sunday Only

13.20-18.30 - Members or Visitors

For all Gents medal play competitions, the tee will be reserved from 07.30-10.00 and from 11.40 to 13.30 unless stated otherwise in the on-line booking sheets or in the members fixture card.

For Ladies competitions on a Tuesday, the tee will generally be reserved from: 09.00-10.30 and also from 13.00-14.00 and in the evening where needed (unless stated otherwise) For any Ladies competitions on a Saturday, the tee will be reserved from: 09.30-10.30 (unless stated otherwise)

Ladies Winter Eclectic - Tuesdays - (November to March):- From 10.00 to 10.45 the players in the Ladies Winter Eclectic will have priority on the 1st tee during this time.

For ALL competitions- Once a draw has been made and displayed, an alternative time cannot be granted. Unless otherwise advised, withdrawals and late entries are only accepted at the Shop where the master copy is held. Failure to appear may result in suspension from subsequent competitions. Late entries will only be accepted by the player himself or herself. Where a player has made THREE later entries in any year, the entry fee for the FOURTH and any subsequent late entry in that year will be increased to twice that normally charged for a late entry.

Please note that the Council reserves the right to amend any booking procedures.