Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Course

Welcome to Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Course

Links Golf Since 1793


Fortrose & Rosemarkie Golf Club has been registered a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) with HMRC since 2004/5.  The main purpose of a CASC is to promote, and provide facilities for, one or more of a range of eligible sports.

As stipulated by HMRC, a CASC must not have costs that represent a significant obstacle to membership.  If the associated costs of being a member (in our case, the annual subscription + competition entry fees plus any other compulsory cost/s) are more than £520/year, the Club is obliged to make satisfactory provision for those who cannot afford more than this.

Any member reaching or exceeding the £520/year cost of membership should contact the Club Secretary to discuss options if affordability is an issue.