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Hole 3 - The Cup

342 Yards - Par 4

Fortrose & Rosemarkie 3rd Green at Sunset

Takes its name from the original third hole which is played to a "bowl", still a feature of the fourth fairway. The semi-plateau and hog-backed green is deceptive and treacherous.

Whilst the 3rd hole is shorter than most par 4's, finding the fairway is not that easy with the sloping fairway (depending on where the ball lands from the tee) kicking balls off to the left and right sides. Again gorse bushes will await any tee shot hit off line to the right and left so an iron or fairway wood is sometimes the best option from the tee.

Whilst the fairway may be found from the tee, the second shot to an "unpturned saucer" green with slopes taking many balls off the green to the left and right side make the second shot none too easy. Again with a sloping green two putts are never a guarantee but it will get the mind working early on in your round.