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Winter work progress December 2019′

The autumn seemed to pass very quickly with October noticeably colder than recent years. We have had some frosty spells and also a fair bit of rain to contend with but the beauty of greenkeeping is there is always something to do.

New Proshop/office

The greenstaff have been busy with the putting green and 1st tee alterations  and there is more to do with sleeper edging and path work once the new building progresses.


Following the scarify in late September the greens were then deep slit after the season finish. A preventative fungicide was applied and also an Autumn feed of TX10 (5.2.8) to keep the grass plant as healthy as possible leading into the colder months. Recently we have verti-drained with larger 3/4″ tines down to 11″ deep and this will benefit the greens longer term by helping drainage and promoting new and longer root growth for healthier turf. A micro-core and seaweed meal dressing is planned next weather permitting. This is to help alleviate some troublesome Anthracnose disease (yellowing of the plant) and also Superficial Fairy ring.The tees have also been verti-drained and next to do will be the approaches.


All the fairways have been sprayed with Iron and also slit tined to relieve a little compaction, aid water movement and promote healthier turf. The majority of fairways have recovered well after the drought last year and will continue to improve with some more selective sanding, wetting agent and soluble fertilizer sprays.

Bunker repairs

Both greenside bunkers at the 7th have been newly revetted and the front greenside at the 11th is underway. We have highlighted around 9 greenside bunkers to do this year and will be GUR until around mid March.

Whin management

To date we have topped the whins along the roadsides at the 10th and 15th holes for safety reasons. We plan to do the rest of the roadside holes when any frosty weather returns. The whin stand at the back of the 3rd green has also been topped to allow a better view up the right hand side of the fairway. Our big project early next year is to cut down the whins on the right side of 13th fairway allowing for a much less intimidating drive for the shorter hitters.

George Paterson

Head Greenkeeper