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Course Report November 2016

We are starting to experience some colder mornings now and as such the rate of grass growth has dramatically fallen back.


The greens were cored, seeded and topdressed towards the end of October and had an application of iron, potassium and wetting agent to help them through this period. The height of the greens has now been brought up to 5mm from 4mm.


The tees were over seeded at the start of October as were the aprons, with some of the tees being seeded again at the end of the month. The winter tees are due to be reinstated on the 14th November. This may change, though, as the coastal erosion works are also scheduled to begin on this date at the 6th and 7th holes. Members will be kept informed through the usual means.


The fairways are starting to be sprayed with iron sulphate to help reduce a build up of moss, this will also help to keep casting worms down and promote better grasses by acidifying the soil.


We have started cutting back the roughs this week and removing the clippings which will help to improve the quality of the grasses.

Winter work

We will be carrying out the following work over the winter, as well as normal care and maintenance of the course and practice ground.

1. Reduce / trim gorse bushes on 1st 2nd and 3rd holes

2. Reinstate area along the side of the course where the erosion works are taking place

3. Repairs to bunker heads and backs

4. Repairs to bare turf areas around course

5. New banking in areas along roadside to prevent cars parking

These works will be planned to tie in with the priority areas identified in the member’s consultation response. As the work associated with the coastal erosion works is currently unquantifiable, the plan may need to be adjusted. Again, members will be notified of any changes which may occur.