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Course Report – January 2018

The winter season has seen more of a typical Highland winter this year with some snow and a lot of frost days thrown in. I wonder what is yet to come!

We have completed the alterations to the 6th hole and developed a new winter tee for the 7th. All the excavated material which has been dumped along the coastline at 6-7th will be raked out and seeded in the spring. Some whins have been cut out here and there and any regrowth will be treated this year to eliminate future growth with a view to ultimately pulling out the rotting roots and stumps. Meanwhile please take care and be vigilant of any stumps when the grass starts to regenerate within.

Every opportunity over the next few weeks will be spent on bunker renovation of the most difficult bunkers at 2nd, 9th & 13th holes. We have a new liner to install and a new sand to start the replacement process. There is some turfing work to be done around the 16th shelter and the ladies tee plinths all need to be set in properly.

Frosty weather work – we still have some whin pruning work e.g. Roadside at the 9th and at the 13th hollow. All the pathways require re-surfacing to shed the water from them and there is plenty machinery maintenance and cutting unit sharpening to do.

The red lateral water hazard markers are in a poor state and will all be renewed for the start of the season.

We acquired our new greens verti-drain/hollow coring machine in December and took it out over the greens with solid 1/2’’ tines to a depth of 8’’. This aeration work leaves them a little soft initially but the benefits are freer draining greens and increased root density which all leads to healthier and more resilient turf in times of poor weather or heat stress. Following our next hand cut we have a Calcium/Magnesium and Humic acid mini granule product to go on which is geared to encourage soil microflora and gently raise the pH.

George Paterson – Head Greenkeeper